Bumbles provide, learning programmes based on ‘Te Whariki’ (The Early Childhood Curriculum), with a strong focus on language, music and movement, and activities designed for exploration in this baby and infant specific pod.

We provide a sheltered outside play area for rainy and cooler days with good indoor/outdoor flow for Bumbles to choose where to play. Our cook provides nutritious home cooked meals. There is a separate supervised sleeping room with cots, prams and stretcher beds to suit your child’s needs, We use the opportunity to nuture our babies when giving them their bottles. and supporting their sleep and play routines. Individual parental choices are always considered. There is a seamless transition to Busy Bees pod in consultation with staff and family.

Busy Bees

Busy Bees is one of the four pods that make up Smiths’s City Childcare Centre. Busy Bees cater for children aged 18 months to 3 years. We offer a programme which is predominantly bases on a free play due to the age of your children and as an extension of the pod children come from beforehand ‘Bumbles’. Free play empowers our children to select their own learning through different activities throughout the pod. Activities such as, play-dough, art, block play, puzzles, books and much, much more.

The outdoor area covers activities like climbing, sand pit play, bikes, balls and much, much more. Such a set up empowers children to make their own choices about which direction they want to take their learning. Our most social times of the day are meal times and mat time, where we all come together and engage in group learning. We sing dance, read stories and have activities like magnetic stories that encourage literacy, numeracy, problem solving and thinking skills.


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