About our programming

A range of activities, opportunities and experiences are designed to facilitate the social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and physical development of the children in each age group.

The programme, developed by the staff and assisted by the children,  is designed to ensure a balance between activities combining indoor and outdoor play  from a wide variety  resources available from which the children may select play materials and experiences.

The underlying feature of the programme is the emphasis on the individual interests and development needs of the child.

The programme includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Creative activities with equipment such as crayons and all art materials block building, collage, scrap materials, natural materials (leaves etc.), woodwork, clay and play dough.
  • Papatuanuku- Mother Earth and other multi-cultural experiences and opportunities which celebrate our diversity. 
  • Singing, listening to music, looking at pictures, books and magnetic stories, listening to stories, using and developing language.
  • Imaginative and dramatic play such as dolls, family corner, blocks, animals, transport toys, dress-up clothes, puppets and dance.
  • Physical activities such as running, climbing, pushing, jumping, throwing and general ball handling skills.
  • Developing ongoing caring relationships with other children and adults at the Centres.
  • Play which provides foundations for subsequent mathematical understanding with activities such as cooking, shop play, estimating and comparing.
  • A special focus on I.T.C. including computers, digital cameras, and their uses  as a learning/teaching tool.
  • Activities that assist with early numeracy and literacy. These activities are offered on a daily basis and culminate in our Transition to School Programme which focuses on School Readiness.
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