We facilitate learning experiences for children between 3 years and up to 4.25 years olds. We provide a range of appropriate activities in the outside, inside and art areas. The latest education initiatives recommend that children’s play and learning is not interrupted by too much structure and routine. As a result children are free to choose their activities for the day.

The Beehive Pod will provide a safe, nurturing and warm environment where the children will feel valued at their stage of development. Staff will work collaboratively together with parents/ caregivers to encourage and support children to progress onto the next stage of their development when they are ready to. Quality programmes and activities in keeping with the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum ‘Te Whariki’ will be used at all times to assess children in new development.

Bees Knees

The Bees Knees philosophy is to provide a holistic programme that offers routines which are flexible; experiences which are varied and challenging and offers opportunities for exploration, learning and gives a wide range of choices.

Our planning is based on teachers understanding and acknowledging the strengths and interest of each child and what they need adults to do or provide next, to extend and enhance their learning and development.

We facilitate learning experiences for children between 4 years, 3 months and up to 5 years old. We provide a ‘Transition to School Programme’ that focuses on pre-reading, writing, literacy and maths activities. We will encourage children to develop ‘independence’ skills in terms of personal needs, support and encourage children to master basic skills such as colour and shape recognition and using pencils and scissors etc.

Our Transition to School Programme is intended to make the transition from Early Childhood to School as smooth and as successful as possible for the children.


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