This is my first experience with choosing an Early Childhood Centre, what questions should I ask? What should I be looking for?

Our website gives you a good indication of our facilities, programme environment and fees – the next step is to come and see us. Contact the centre by email or phone us on (09) 430 7378 or 021 248 9220.

Can I visit the Centre at any time?

We encourage this as our Centre has an ‘open door’ policy. Contact the Centre to let us know when you are coming and our Parent Liaison Staff will be available to show you around, answer questions and discuss the individual needs of your child.

Can I talk to the teachers who will be looking after my child?

Yes, by having a Parent Liaison Staff with you, it will give you the opportunity to talk with teaching staff in your child’s ‘pod’.

My only child is very shy, will they be noticed or will they play on their own all day as she is having problems making friends when in a group situation?

This is the sort of information you need to share with us. In the Centre staff are very aware of a shy child and the programme encourages lots of social situations that your child will be supported to be involved in by the teaching staff e.g. circle time, show n’ tell, music and movement, story time. We can also give you strategies to help outside of the Centre .

Will my child get sick when they start Childcare?

Health and safety are one of our strengths at Smith’s City. Our Head Teacher is a trained Nurse and all our staff are qualified First Aiders. We try our best to maintain a very high level of hygiene to prevent infection e.g. good hand washing practises for children, staff and visitors to the Centre. Statistically your child may get unwell at Childcare however we will do our best to support you with an unwell child and contact you at once if we feel your child should not be at the Centre.

I would like my child to start as soon as possible, is there a waiting list?

Once again contact the Centre and come and see us. Depending on the days / hours you require, we may be able to fit your child in very soon. We look forward to meeting you and your child.


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